Vasinhos charmosos

Criatividade para deixar os espaços com um ar divertido e alegre.
Vaso CAVEIRA MEXICANA com pimentinhasEl blog de Dmc: Patrones maceteros ganchillo Natura XLmacetiñasPainted Clay Pots by GranArt
Pot PeopleI love to decorate plant pots. This face is so cute. Looks like early 1900's man on the boardwalk in NJ. I have seen prints with this style of art. Love it. It inspires me to try some other old styles of art on a pot. - PamClay Pot Christmas People - Finished Yesterday.70's Hippie flower pot person by SchumArt on Etsy, $17.00DIY: chalkboard planting pots.this pattern on a flat board would be awesomeVasos forradosDiseña linda | Macetas con flores | Utilisima.comMaceta pintada a mano, $48 en Little Faces on egg cups. Tiny succulents for hair.Cute flower potMarion's Terrace full of colors. Terraço colorido da Marion. Antes e Depoispainted clay potsPainted Flower Pot Whimsical Pink Rose Motif by sharonmooradian, $30.00

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